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Writer's Block: Time for change

If you could ask the leader of your country anything, what would it be?

Step down? Please?

Check this out

Are you a Patriot?  Do you love your Right?  Your Free Will?  Your Declaration of Independence?  Would you do anything to defend your RIGHTS?  Your Constitution?  Then Check this out:


Writer's Block: Paranormal activity

I was 4 years old.  My mother had to go into Johns Hopkins to get surgery done to her eyes (she has glaucoma) and we were wondering the halls when I saw a picture of Jesus on the bulletin and asked Mom if we could see it.  Mom said we couldn't because we don't know where it is.  Then all of a sudden this lady come up (with her name tag turned around where we couldn't catch her name) and said "It's actually not too far."  I turned around and she looked right at me and said "If you would like you take the elevator at the end of the hallway since this one is broken, down one floor go to the right, then turn left on the first hallway and you will reach this huge room and you will find the statue."  I turned around and asked Mom and she said "I guess."  WHen I turned around the lady was gone.  Now I know what your thinking.....but here's the thing Johns Hopkins is HUGE!!!  The Hallways are huge so we are able to see a mile down the hallway.  The elevator next to us was broken, and NOBODY was near us.  And I mean NOBODY.  No staff, no doctors, no janitors, NOTHING.  She just disappeared.  I turned to Mom and yelled "MOM, that was an Angel."  Mom looked around and by the time she turned to say something to me I was already down the hall making my way to the elevator remembering everything that lady said.  Once we got to the huge room, we saw the statue and it was amazing.  We saw the statue and mom just started to weep.  You see, she was feeling very scared.  Glaucoma can make you go blind and the surgery could kill you so yes, mom was very scared.  Seeing the statue of Jesus with MOM'S FAVORITE SCRIPTURE VERSE ON THE BOTTOM OF IT, really lifted my mom's spirits.  If it wasn't for that lady, we never would have found it.

........Many years later, my mother was looking for a doll, she collects dolls and she found the perfect one:  The doll looked EXACTLY LIKE THE LADY WE SAW AT JOHNS HOPKINS!!!!!  Right down to her eye color, her hair color and the way she wore her dress and the style of her hair.  Even the color of her lips matched that lady.  So yes, folks.  It was an Angel sent from God and I don't care what YOU believe in.....that was the most touching thing in MY life.  If my mother were here she would tell you stories after stories of the "Supernatural". 

Signing up for the LJIDOL!!!!

I would love to try this out.  I love blogging on here and this is just a better way to get newer friends!

Writer's Block: It’s about to get hairy

No because it hides the face of the true person and it tickles when you kiss them!

Writer's Block: The state of perception

Can't really live without them can you?  I mean you really want to SEE the things that are around you, HEAR those things moving, TOUCH the objects before you, SMELL those pastries and TASTE those pastries.  But can you really live without ONE of these essential tools in life?  Yes.  And I would have to go with SIGHT.  Why?

Without seeing you loose your sense of direction, you think.  WIthout SIGHT, you think you can't function.  Well, actually you can.  See when you lose your sight, it takes your body a few days to "recalibrate" itself and it hightens your other senses and your smell is ten times better, your hearing is much much better and every other sense that you have misplaces your sight one so that you can survive.  If you lost any one of the other ones the other senses will be much better but you can smell with your eyes, you can't hear with your eyes.  It be much better if you were blind then if you were deaf.  Just saying.
Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?

Writer's Block: Internet addictions

I'm always on tumblr.com and blogger.com.  Whenever I get into my workspace, I always pop those two up and then I'm on my way to the insides of cyperspace!
Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?

Time.....I need

Today has been one stressful day of them all!  I have been following my tumblr buddies suggestion on writing a lot and so I have.  I can't believe trying to come up with something to write can give you one massive headache.  Can't believe it.

Not something for the journal, it's for my book.  It's really starting to hurt my head that I just can't come up with something new.  I think maybe it's because I spend so much time writing on here that I can't focus on my book.  It sucks, but I just love writing on here and reading my fellow followers.  I'm also not sure where I'm going with my book, so that there is hard, and it's also hard to try and find TIME to write the book in the first place.  So many things are happening in my life that I just can't be able to write.  Oh well......


Writer's Block: Remote control

That is easy.  My favorite show is NCIS; Castle; Bones; The Mentalist; and Body of Proof.

Out of all of that, I would have to say NCIS is my passionate show, the show that I just love with all my heart!!!!
What’s your favorite show on television?

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…

I would have to say winter.  I love the snow, the cold, the way the sky looks....like it's about to dump some more snow on the ground.

If it's not winter then I love it when it rains.  There's just something about rain that thrills me.
What’s your favorite kind of weather?